During a time of Kings and Mighty empires, when the strong
prevailed over the weak. The world was plunged into a long
and unforgiving darkness, which was a war like no other.
Armies of all different species, began to gather a strange
and unrelenting momentum as if controlled by a mysterious
dark force. As they swept across the surface of the planet,
they laid waste to not only each other but all who dared to
confront them. This period was later known as the Great

As the years passed, some survived and learned to evade
the armies, by separating themselves into smaller and
smaller groups. In the wake of the massive campaign,
brother fought against brother over scraps and relics left
behind. This eventually lead to famine and disease, which
in turn eluded to the end of the civilized being. Eventually
there came a time when the air grew quiet and the earth
stood still.

Now comes a new age, as rogue descendants of those
who dare to refer to themselves as survivors, begin to
emerge from the shadows of the great darkens. Dare any
of them attempt to rebuild civilization, they risk falling
prey to the desperation of savages.

Can you survive the dawn of a new age? We invite you to
try, so bring your friends and see how long you can last as
you try to build, your very own empire.

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