Sky Islands (Cancelled)

By Cmcq80 X - Posted Apr 21, 17

Comming Soon Sky Islands

        As the manager of Sky Islands server, I am glad to say that Sky Islands is coming along well and is almost ready to be published. Sky Islands are the newest Minecraft minigame were you fight to own your own island! Claim land and team up with others in the Worlds Biggest Minecraft Map Made by hand (Map by Cmcq80) and try to claim to most land! There are 3 different markets that sell different things as well as a shop in the main spawn with creates and keys! Sky islands also have different kits and custom items and armours for you to claim as well as custom bosses and custom mobs! This new minigame is going to be a great kick off the open alpha access for ($5 USD)

Many many years ago before the first king ruled the kingdom and before the first person walked the world! People live in the sky on many different islands fighting for control of one or all of the islands! Take up your sword and team up with your friends in the new Minecraft game mode Sky Islands! Coming soon June 2017 only on!

Map Trailler -

Sky Islands Plugin idea


Sky Islands has been cancelled due to Cmcq80 leaving the staff team.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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