Hey, I'm DeathShadowz_!

As the Server Manager of KitPVP, I'm happy to tell you that KitPVP is in Open Alpha stage, you can join KitPVP using the IP: and in the hub type /server KitPVP1! Please enjoy the open alpha while it lasts and be sure to report any bugs in the forums, KitPVP section, and Bug Reports (If found posting useless reports, you will have 1 warning point added to you.)! If you have suggestions post it in the Suggestions section.

As of now, KitPVP is now in closed Alpha and will be adding and I will be taking away some features:

+ More Kits

+ Custom Items and Features

-  Sorry, but Any Easter Eggs

Jk, they will stay ;)

(More items will be added as the server grows)

Best Regards,

DeathShadowz_, KitPVP Server Manager.

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