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Half a year almost is done and it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride here of late. Two new servers are on the way to being released and a complete revamp going on as well in preparation to merge all our games back to the lobby. It's been a bit of a challenge, a lot is going on but let me see if I can just catch you all up a bit.

We have a special treat for you today, some great things going on over at our SkyBlock server and let me tell you that I'm just super excited to be a part of it. /warp enchants is close to being finished so that all of you can learn more about the crazy enchantments plugin that is installed on the server. As well make sure to hit up the crate envoys to get some special loot. Tired of SkyBlock well then challenge your friends to a pvp match in the pvp area located at spawn.


Survival will be offline for a short period tomorrow as we are resetting the map so get your pickaxes ready for a new survival map coming to you tomorrow.

The snapshot server is now back online you can join the snapshot server with the IP: snap.war-mc

Aswell if you would like to have your taste at modded Minecraft we have just launched our awakened mod pack server which can be joined with the IP:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Winter is here, and along with TONS OF FUN! KitPVP1 has gone through some updates and here are some images of it. Want more information about this? Continue reading!

Hey, I'm DeathShadowz_!

As the Server Manager of KitPVP, I'm happy to tell you that KitPVP is in Open Alpha stage, you can join KitPVP using the IP: and in the hub type /server KitPVP1! Please enjoy the open alpha while it lasts and be sure to report any bugs in the forums, KitPVP section, and Bug Reports (If found posting useless reports, you will have 1 warning point added to you.)! If you have suggestions post it in the Suggestions section.

As of now, KitPVP is now in closed Alpha and will be adding and I will be taking away some features:

+ More Kits

+ Custom Items and Features

-  Sorry, but Any Easter Eggs

Official Release

Cmcq80 X posted May 9, 17

Official Release

As of right now, the server is in Official Release! Join right now, using the IP:!

Thank you


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Trainee Application Now Available

You can now apply for the Trainee rank on WAR-MC and take on the one-year training course to become a moderator on the server. Before applying make sure you read the forum post on "How to Apply for a Staff Rank" and the "Tips on applying for Trainee" And have the following requirements as listed below.

    You are over 14 years of age.
    You have been a member on the website for over one month.
    You have over 24 hours play time on the WAR-MC Network.
    You have some experience in the field you are applying for.
    You have not been banned or muted for over six months.
    You have our "Stone Rank" or higher.
    You have not tried to apply for Trainee more than once before.
    You can speak fluent English.
    Have read the two forums on "Applying for Staff Ranks"

    Also, take note of the following!!
    ~Do not apply if you do not meet these requirements, as your application will most likely be denied.
    ~Remember: 8 warning points will give you a permanent mute on the website.
    ~Lying about any question will result in 4 warning points, as well as a six-month ban from submitting any kind application on the forums.
    ~ If you are accepted to become a Trainee, you will still have to take an appropriate interview with our current staff members, using Discord or Skype.
    ~ To keep your Trainee rank, you must be on WAR-MC for at least 2+ hours per week and 10 or more hours a month unless otherwise noted.
    ~ Asking a staff member to repeatedly look at your application will result in it instantly being denied and potential further consequences.

    If all of those apply to you and you want to apply for the Trainee staff rank! Remember, WE ONLY TAKE THE BEST APPLICATIONS THERE ARE!!! Ones that are in full detail, with no grammar errors and shows that you want to help out our server!

    On Behalf of the WAR-MC Staff Team

    Edited By DeathShadowz_ (XfighterShadowz)

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